Lady Skollie and Teresa Firmino Exhibit at Everard Read CIRCA Gallery

Everard Read’s CIRCA Gallery in Rosebank is currently showcasing work from two inspiring local artists, Lady Skollie and Teresa Firmino.

Lady Skollie, also known as  Laura Windvogel, is an artist and activist who known for addressing issues of sex, consent, relationships and social politics through her art. Her latest exhibition ‘Good and Evil’ re-imagines history and incorporates biblical narrative to explore the opposing forces of dark and light. ‘Good and Evil’ will serve as a space for debate, engagement and celebration throughout Youth Month.

Teresa Firmino is a South African artist whose work touches on issues surrounding history, heritage and identity. Teresa uses her own stories as well as her community’s experiences as a platform for her art. Her exhibition, ‘The War at Home’, is a series of paintings that will form part of her ongoing project on ‘Rewriting History’, which focuses on the unknown and the known histories in the home. The home is a place of comfort and safety, but can also be a space of trauma and pain.

The exhibitions will run until 6 July 2019.

Between 10 and 5