Daniel David Uses His Keen Eye for Detail to #CreateWithCanon

Daniel David is a Johannesburg-based fashion photographer and videographer at Lionwolf Studios

Daniel picked up a camera as a kid, and has never put it down since. Today, he is a model scout and a regular contributor to Italian Vogue.

We delve into some details with Daniel about the gear he uses and the subject matter he loves to shoot.

What did you decide to get into photography?

Since I was a kid, I always loved playing around with cameras. I loved the idea of not only capturing what inspires me but making those memories permanent.

What gear are you currently using?

I like to work fast and lightweight, so I generally use the Canon 6D because it’s versatile in many lighting situations. And, of course, there’s also my pride and joy – the f2.8 L 24-70mm lens.

What subject matter do you like shooting?

I love mixing different genres of photography together. However, my favourite is fashion & portraiture photography. I love working with a variety of people, while learning their stories at the same time.

What makes a photo good for you?

Attention to detail, depth, lighting, mood, framing and composition. It’s more about having a photographic eye.

What would be a dream assignment for you?

I would love to exhibit and sell art pieces as my partner and I are very experimental and artistic minded in our approach to photography.

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