Suid Tronica Vol 1 Cover Art

3 New Volumes of the Sounds of Suid Tronica Being Released

Suid Tronica has been hard at work curating three compilations which are being released over the course of the months of May and June. The first of which was released on the 24th May 2019, called Sounds of Suid Tronica Vol 1

Speaking on the second compilation, the music compilers had the following to say:

Having carefully selected each song to form this fully toned, uncompromising and magical musical experience, we invite you into a sonic world of panoramic vistas, sweeping landscapes and a home for the more unusual and ethereal.

This compilation features a wide variety of music from new and old friends, featuring some South Africa’s best musical storytellers and other incredible artists from around the globe. Each having their own signature sound with special attention to narrative and an innate understanding of harmony, human emotion and tonal quality.

Taking the listener through a new age of experimental music, exploring traditional roots with angular electronics and immersive organic ambiences that develop and break apart and merge back into one another – challenging the rational through intricately sculpted and unorthodox musical ideas that stir and stimulate a variety of new unfelt emotions.

You can listen to the first compilation on the Suid Tronica website,  Volume 2 is now available on Soundcloud.

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