Scum Boy – Showcasing the Vulgar and Graceful Through 3D Art

Oliver Hunter, better known as Scum Boy, is an emerging transgender artist and motion graphic designer creating work that touches on issues often perceived as shameful or confusing.

Scum Boy has a very distinct style and explores themes such as social structures, sex and sexual identity by using vibrant colours and mannequin-like figures to create 3D art that forces the viewer to step out of their comfort zone.

After discovering 3D animations on Instagram, he decided it was something he would like to try and 3D art went on to become a big part of his creative practice, allowing Scum Boy an outlet for expression and a platform to speak out about issues that are important to him.

Unless it’s a commission, all of Scum Boy’s work is his own. Here are some of his latest additions, many of which he sold to fund his transition.

“Eat the toast or I’ll tell your mom about the concerta” AKA “ Bitch Boy” 
“ I got fucked into a panic attack” 
“Thanks for your time. I’m done now.”
“I’m on mdma for the first time and I’m thinking of you.”
The Great Masturbator 
“She’s the whore of the Jewish community” 

Between 10 and 5