BKhz Gallery’s ‘Process’ Exhibition with Iconic Artists

In keeping with their primary objective to provide an alternative exhibition space to emerging and established artists, Braamfontein gallery BKhz hosted the aptly titled Process. The exhibition stems from an intrigue with the manner in which visual artists create worlds through their practice.

In this exhibition, the artists, including Lady $kollie, Mashudu Nevhutalu, Chris Soal, Sharon Moses, Allen Laing, Ke Neil We, XiaoCheng Hu, Tatenda Chidora and Matt Hazell were requested to engage the space by creating works that highlighted their process.

Matt Hazell described his process as follows:

“I’m currently in flux, shifting between mediums and conceptual concerns so I can create a space in which to learn and progress after feeling somewhat stagnant in my art practice. I generally work on multiple works at once as I can let works breathe when I am uncertain how to progress them”

I thought this would work painting by Matt Hazell
Matt Hazell
I thought this would work.
Oil on canvas
150 x 120 cm
R17 000

The creation of the work happened in the gallery space with the development of the artworks occurring in the confines of the space and in full view of the gallery-going public. The show is being realised as part of an attempt to stay true to the spaces’ initial function as a studio space where its initiator Banele Khoza could expose the public to the full breadth and scope of his art practice, from his inspiration, pre-planning, to the actual painting and finally, the exhibition. Banele Khoza is now extending this thinking around the creation of artwork to the aforementioned artists.

The exhibition was an enthralling experience exposing the richness and diversity of artistic practice.

The show ran from the 13th of April 2019 to the 26th of May 2019 at the BKhz studio on 68 Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

TooVoo Fast Mask by Allan Laing
Allan Laing
TooVoo FastMask Various woods (Genuine Yellowwood, Karoo Acacia, Albizia, London Plane, Merbau, Henkel’s Yellowwood) on a dental plaster bust, with scattered wood installation, chair and plinth. R33 000.00 (Including bust, plinth and installation elements, but not installation service)
Five Nails and Wool on plywood by Ke Neil We
Ke Neil We
Five Nails and wool on plywood.
1220mm x 1220mm
R10 000.00
A Table with pieces by Chris Soal
Each of us is a centre of the Universe. 2019
Eroded sandpaper of varying grits
R4 550

Chris Soal
A Heart of Stone is a Heart Alone. 2019
Eroded sandpaper of varying grits.
Untitled painting by Mashudu Nevhuthalu
Mashudu Nevhuthalu
Untitled 2019
Oil on Canvas
Price: R6900
衰 by Xiao Cheng Hu
Xiao Cheng Hu

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
121,91cm x 91,4cm

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