Kyle Deutsch and Skatta is Dead Bring Back the Love track cover art

Kyle Deutsch and Skattaisdead team up for ‘Bring Back The Love’ Music Video

Just when you thought you can’t get enough, African Pop sensation Kyle Deutsch has done it yet again to keep us going all night. Moving on from his previous chart-topping single “Summer Love”, he has yet another hit single with “Bring Back the Love”.

On the track Kyle teams up with Durban-based teenage prodigy & production genius Skattaisdead to create what we feel is possibly his best release yet. The record borrows from a multitude of genres, ranging from house, future bass, to trap, creating a hauntingly-infectious track that will have you singing & grooving to its catchy hooks & melodies.

“We started the track with a guitar melody that Kyle played, we then reversed it and fell in love,” Skatta says. “We then added what turned out to be the bass and driving lead synth all in one little package. We’ve been really excited & eager to release this one for some time.”

As always, Kyle tends to disrupt the conventional norms of the music video space ensuring quality visual production, and emotive storytelling. Here, he works with an all-star female production crew, with esteemed photographer and art director Elsa Bleda taking on direction duties and multi award-winning cinematographer Gaopie Kabe as director of photography.

“I’ve worked with Elsa before on the ‘Can’t Get Enough’ video and we’ve become close friends. I call her the Light Goddess. Her eye for colour and contrast is second to none.”, says Kyle.

The video stars the exquisitely talented international ballet sensation Ruan Galdino. “Ruan is a wonderful human & possibly one of the best ballet dancers in the world.” said kyle. “We couldn’t have chosen a better person to play the role. I am so excited about the wave that is to come from this track. It’s something really unique and special to me. The track calls for guilt free honesty, for love and art to return & to win above all.”

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