Chicken Licken’s new ‘Soul Sisters’ will get you through

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a group of back-up sisters to cheer you through the tough times? That’s exactly what ad agency Joe Public’s Chicken Licken’s Soul Sister TVCs embrace. Each advert depicts a serious scene, where a sister is struggling. Whether it’s a botched boardroom meeting or the worst hair-day in the history of hair – the sisters have your back.

In the boardroom the Soul Sisters save a sister from a boring work presentation with a faulty projector by adding some dazzle to the day.

In the bathroom Sipho gets some much needed help with her new “look”. The Soul Sisters throw away the “doek” and send her off full of confidence.

The quirky TVC’s are the brainchild of the Joe Public United creative team, who partnered with Chicken Licken to promote the new Soul Sister Party 4 meal. There are a total of six 45 second TVC’s, each depicting an everyday disaster that a sister may face.

Whether it’s personal cheerleading at the pool during a laborious workout:

Where the Soul Sisters applaud a new personal best and make the swimmer feel like the Queen of Chlorine.

Or a save a the supermarket when your card is declined:

Who likes the awful teller that yells “void” for everyone to hear? The Soul Sisters are ready to jump in and help avoid the whole declining situation.

Or one of those hideous changing room mirrors with lights that highlight all the wrong places:

With the Soul Sisters you’ll learn that all curves are beautiful, it’s what makes you a gorgeous woman.

Or even when a sister is a brother that needs some help “coming out the closet”, which is harder than it looks:

This awkward situation between father and son is made humorous and bearable with the help of at least two of the Soul Sisters.

Each of these TVC’s hit the nail on the head, putting a smile on your face with witty humour and relate-able content.

The TVC’s were produced and directed by Greg Gray from Romance Films, who upheld the authentic 60’s style of the backup singers and the music, with the help of Adam Howard from Howard Audio.

Between 10 and 5