Director Nadezna Radcore – TVC’s that are Touching and Telling

Nadezna Radcore is, by nature, an explorer, enlivened by pushing beyond the comfort zone and discovering new spaces, new approaches, new ways of seeing our world. Her journey towards directing has been along an atypical path, equipping her with something books and theory can’t match: experience.

Extensive travel, cultural immersion, philosophical studies and work across a range of creative practices have all contributed to her very distinct, rare perception of humanity. It’s this rich perspective that she brings to her work, capturing the depth and nuance of personal interactions; and telling authentic, touching stories.

Behind the Scenes for Revlon Life Proof TVC

Bitten by the bug early on, Nadezna studied design in New York and moved to London to work in fashion. She returned home to complete her AFDA degree. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge took her all over the world, observing, learning, interacting, understanding, growing.

Revlon Life Proof TVC

Enriched and inspired, but still wanting to discover more, she worked in research departments and at advertising agencies, getting to understand how brands operate, how trend patterns shift and form, and most importantly, how this industry has the power to make a positive difference. A punk at heart and a die-hard idealist, she saw an opportunity to influence for the better, to take what she’d learnt over time and infuse it in her work. She wanted to change things from the inside. And then she met The Rudeboy Collective.

Drawn to the production house’s DIY ethos and challenging headspace, she relished the opportunity to sit alongside some very experienced, very particular heavyweights. It’s here that she formulated a style that pays tribute to old-skool ethics whilst being unashamedly intent on shaking things up.

Nestle 150 Years “Daddy Steps” TVC

The twists and turns of her varied life have become Nadezna’s signature. For her, each piece needs to be what each piece is at heart. It’s this approach that positions her perfectly to tackle the challenges of our constantly evolving content world. It’s why she’s still exploring. It’s why she’ll always be exploring.

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