Francesca Biancoli- ‘Wind’ Music Video

On her debut album, ‘Ikiga’, Francesca Biancoli was inspired by a number of things in the world around her and the problems of humanity; particularly human behaviour. ‘Wind’; which is about female connections, bonds and relationships, is one of her personal tracks on the EP.

Francesca, who uses heartfelt lyrics in her music, describes the song ‘Wind’ as “an attempt to understand one aspect of human relationships, love, family and all the complexities that come with it. The idea behind it is quite simple and is purely inspired by my childhood memories of a rare family trip, and the feelings we get for those closest to us. The song is a contemplative journey through self-awareness, memory and human vulnerability.”

The music video- shot by a strong female South African team, explores the themes of memory and connection by following the relationship between two young women as they drive through the streets of Cape Town on a rainy weekend. As the women drive through the windy roads, we get to see the twists and turns of their relationship, the ups and downs, the good and the bad.

The video was directed by Cape Town based filmmakers Jessie Zinn & Sara De Gouveia, and was shot in various locations in the Western Cape, including Scarbourough.

Between 10 and 5