Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E) Launch

10and5 is proud to announce the launch of our Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E). A3E is aimed at young, emerging artists who wish to grow their creative practice and break into the gallery scene and broader art world. We’re looking for artists, sculptors, graphic artists, photographers, fine artists, storytellers and creatives in alternative disciplines. 

Our A3E programme is open to all recent graduates, part-time or struggling, up-and-coming, or currently unrepresented artists (or future artists). We’re looking for great talent who are on an upward trajectory and will show growth in the coming years.

With A3E, 10and5 wants to give you the opportunity to accelerate your career by giving you the exposure and platform you need to reach new markets, build a profile and skill up in the business world. If you are an artist who needs a nudge and the validation to get you to a higher level of creativity, the A3E programme is for you.

Submissions are presented before a curatorial panel, made up of industry experts and members of the 10and5 team, who is tasked with selecting the candidates for the A3E programme. The curatorial panel will change each selection season.

As one of the selected artists for the A3E programme, you are eligible for a number of benefits through 10and5. The benefits that you could receive include:

  • Editorial Features: Accelerated exposure through the 10and5 network, and our video partners. Artists will receive exposure of up to 1,5m people a month.
  • An exhibition produced: A fully paid for group exhibition, including printing, framing, hanging and production costs, plus a competitive commission rate that is made possible by our corporate partners.
  • A place in our artists’ residency programme: Our 10and5 residency program is back up and running, and we’re hosting a small selection of our A3E program in our residency program.
  • Commercial Training: We’re creating opportunities for commercial artist training modules to help make artists more familiar with the financial side of running a creative practice.
  • Merchandise with Shortrun Special Editions: We’ll work with you to license your artworks to our merchandising division and create a range of accessible merch in the form of t-shirts, totes, caps and bags.

Applications for our first selection period are now open. If you think you’ve got the talent, the passion, the originality and the skill that we are looking for, apply below, and you could be part of our selection. Applications close at 12pm on the 24 July 2019.


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