Exclusive Release: Watch The “Secrets” Trailer Now

What would you do if your darkest secrets were starting to surface?

The “Secrets” film is coming to our screens later this month and we were fortunate enough to get some exclusive previews of the trailer.


The trailer for the film “Secrets”, starts with the opening line “We all have something to hide”, displayed brazenly across the screen. The film, which is coming to theatres later this month, introduces us to three separate storylines. Three lives. Three secrets.

Ben is a suave, successful businessman and the perfect husband and father – on the outside. We see Ben crying, and later clink glasses with a woman at an event, giving her a smile and a knowing nod. But beneath the surface, his façade is starting to crack, as the secrets he is keeping from his family could threaten his entire existence.

Amanda has a secret which she is trying to hide behind her charming smile and drown in the cocktails she is drinking at a high-end bar with her friends. But on her own in the bathroom, we see reflected back at us in the mirror, the effort it takes to keep her mask intact around her friends.

Sizwe will go to any lengths and do anything to protect his family, especially his son who is the most important person in his life. We see Sizwe washing blood off a knife in the bath, the water running red as it circles the drain. Later, he argues with his wife in the kitchen. Will the extremes he is willing to go to ultimately end up putting his family in more danger?

Through it all, the tension is palpable. The music builds endlessly, but never quite reaches the expected drop, depriving the audience of any sense of relief. And in the background, sirens blare.

What lengths will these three South Africans go to, to protect their secrets, their families and their lives? What lengths would you go to if your darkest secrets started to surface?

We all have something to hide. We all have secrets.

The “Secrets” film is coming this month, July 2019. Watch it here and decide for yourself.

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