Small Room: An Exhibition Curated by Sarah Grace & Priest

‘Small Room’ is an exhibition curated by Sarah Grace as a result of a six months period she has spent with Priest Gallery as ‘inturn’/gallery resident. Although Priest Gallery is no more, this exhibition recently opened at Ellis House Art Studios in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, and features work by Gordon Froud, Dirk Bahmann, Mand Coppes-Martin, Shenaz Mahomed, George Holloway, Nico Ras, Vivien Kohler, Maaike Bakker, Neil Nieuwoudt, Stephan Erasmus, Brittany Lawton, Illene Bothma, Gina Waldman, Thett Martyn, Jayne Crawshay-Hall, Mark Rautenbach and Sarah Grace:


Mark Rautenbach- ‘Psychic/TV Shedding’



Mandy Coppes-Martin- ‘Without Looking’


Stephan Erasmus- ‘My Small Room, Leave Me Alone’


Vivien Kohler- ‘/briːð/LL  (Breath) I & II’


George Halloway- ‘Breaking the Silence’


Neil Niewoudt- ‘A Nice Pretty Box to Keep My Black Soul In and Within It My Cold Stone Heart’


Dirk Bahmann- ‘Locus’


Gordon Froud- ‘Happy Loving Couple’


Ilene Bothma- ‘What lies beneath’


Jane Crawshay-Hall- ‘I played/ I amused/ I anticipated’


Gina waldman- ‘Still Life: botanicals’


Maaike Bakker- ‘Streaming Live- Side A, Side B / INNCR Monologue’


Rhett Martyn- ‘Feast’


Shenaz Mahomed- ‘The Cave’

Sarah Grace- ‘Tentative Title ‘Fossils & a Woolly Mammoth’

Nico Ras– ‘Die Blanke Besinning

Brittany Lawton- ‘Genesis’

Between 10 and 5