MINI Launches First African Special Edition Clubman

Introducing the MINI Clubman: Modern African Gentlemen Edition

MINI Clubman: Modern African Gentlemen Edition by Langa Mavuso

MINI collaborates with three local creatives for the first African Limited Edition Clubman: The Modern African Gentlemen Edition. 10and5 is proud to have been the main creative collaborator on this limited edition release. We were instrumental in starting a countrywide conversation across radio and social media platforms defining the Modern African Gentleman.

Option 1 by Baba Tjeko, Option 2 by Langa Mavuso, and Option 3 by Tebogo Malope

South Africa spoke and 10and5 listened. The Modern African Gentleman is characterised by his duality and ability to move seamlessly between two worlds. He is rooted in culture, but comfortable in contemporary spaces. He is both rural and urban, traditional yet unconventional. The Modern African Gentleman knows that his power lies in his humility. He is flanked by those he takes along with him on his upward trajectory – in this way, he is not only rising up but raising up, too. These seemingly contradictory aspects live side by side, creating a harmonious duality that is unlike any other.

MINI Clubman: Modern African Gentlemen Edition by Tebogo Malope

10and5 enabled MINI to team up with leading African visionaries and creatives to produce ‘art in motion’ – a renaissance on four wheels. MINI has produced three distinct versions of the new Limited Edition Clubman. Each unique design was made in collaboration with three rising creative stars: artist Baba Tjeko, filmmaker Tebogo Malope, and musician Langa Mavuso. These three creatives represent the epitome of Modern African Gentlemen.

MINI Clubman: Modern African Gentlemen Edition by Baba Tjeko

At the official launch of this limited edition Clubman, it was announced that only twenty models will be released for sale to the public.

This limited edition Clubman – the latest from the MINI Duality Series – combines personality with precision, creativity with craft, and form with function, making it the ultimate representation of Modern African Gentlemen.


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