Breastfeeding 101 | By Leah Hawker

Independent photographer Leah Hawker challenges the negative attributes often associated with breastfeeding in a self-motivated pro-bono project and book titled ‘Breastfeeding 101’. To complete the project Leah brought together 101 women to share their stories and experiences about the realities of breastfeeding – a subject often hidden from the public eye.

The women she interacted with for this project shared some of their personal beliefs, myths, and attitudes towards the subject, which is then explored in the book. The personal stories are accompanied by a portrait of each woman standing tall while breastfeeding her child in public. The project thus aims to raise questions about how women feel about themselves, how they are seen by others and how they are marketed to.

The ‘Breastfeeding 101’ book launch will take place at The Book Lounge in Cape Town on the 1st of August 2019, and will be available for purchase at Exclusive Books as well as directly from the author.

Below are a few images of the women Leah has photographed over a period of three years for the project:

Between 10 and 5