Johannesburg based rapper Xenlaii presents the ‘SURF : AM’ Experience

Johannesburg based rapper, singer, songwriter, performer and designer Xenlaii, together with his team, recently put together an event called the ‘SURF: AM Experience’, an extension of his ‘SURF: AM’ EP, at The Bioscope in Johannesburg, Maboneng.

‘SURF: AM’ is an experience that sees the amalgamation of music and design. As part of the presentation, Xenlaii performed the songs on a set designed to resemble the ocean. The stage, inspired by his favourite element (water) stood 900mm high, and featured visuals of the ocean, with more projections on the screen behind.

The aim was to contradict norms and challenge the way in which indie hip-hop performances are generally presented, by combining performance with installation and video art.

Xenlaii expresses that the ‘SURF: AM’ experience allows people to experience both worlds through an intimate art presentation that belongs in any empty space, making it a versatile performance art piece.

The EP is available on Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.

Between 10 and 5