CORONA X PARLEY- A Partnership Formed to Take a Stand Against Marine Plastic Pollution

Corona and Parley have been brought together by their love for the ocean and have taken a stand against marine plastic pollution.

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The perfect partnership was formed with Corona and Parley – as Parley is an organizational and collaborative network that increases consciousness of the ocean’s beauty and fragility, and brings together creators, thinkers, and leaders in initiatives that can end their destruction. Whereas Corona is deeply passionate about the beach, surf and ocean culture, the project is a result of Parley’s collaborative, environmentally friendly approach to solutions and Corona’s enthusiasm for beach, surf and ocean culture.

In May 2017, Parley and Corona announced a long-term partnership to tackle marine plastic pollution, and protect the oceans through clean-ups, awareness campaigns, corporate commitments and initiatives focused on the Parley AIR Strategy:




The project aims to protect one hundred islands around the world by 2020 and transform communities worldwide by implementing informative programmes and infrastructure which will assist in removing plastic from beaches. So far, Corona and Parley have started with six regions around the world namely; Australia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Italy, Maldives, and Mexico.

“We needed to take a stand and protect the heart and soul of our brand. We will spread our love for the oceans and make people understand that we need to take care of it, inspiring people to change their own behaviors. Corona is present in more than 180 countries and we have the opportunity and responsibility to use that reach to be a voice for the oceans.”-Thiago Zanettini, Global Vice President of Corona

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In South Africa, ‘street surfers’ are playing their part in recycling- and possibly saving the ocean, by collecting up to 90% of discarded paper and plastic in the country. For more about street surfers, watch the video below:

To learn more about the project and how to part-take, visit and/or

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