The Labyrinth Project | An Exercise in Relational Aesthetics

The Labyrinth Project is an interdisciplinary platform that aims to create a space where creatives in the larger sense – artists, writers, curators, and researchers, are encouraged to collaborate and contribute to the project.

Research concerning potential options in contrast to current curatorial philosophy drove five Johannesburg based artists/curators to the formation of the Labyrinth Project. First, as a space where this question of alternatives is opened to the more extensive creative community of South Africa, and furthermore as an area where the results of these request can discover a structure and medium in which to exist.

In addition, the project attempts relation and understanding of the habitual practices of the present world setting, as well as the powers that coagulate around imaginative praxis. The project is an exercise in relational aesthetics in the sense that it aims to draw out and change the understood connections between exhibition and creation. The Labyrinth Project hopes to create a rich resource for every one of those who harbour the imaginative motivation within the creative sphere.

The project provides various exhibition spaces, presentation, workshop facilities, as well as a dedicated audiovisual room. These resources are gradually forming into a single site of continual innovative transition, artistic trade, and interdisciplinary experiment.

A group exhibition curated by the Labyrinth Project titled ‘en • trance’ included the following artists: Dirk Bahmann, Maaike Bakker, Vusi Beauchamp, Olaf Bischoff, Alexia Cocolas, Jayne Crawshay-Hall, Stephen Erasmus, Sarah Grace, Odette Graskie, Heidi Fourie, Gordon Froud, Rebecca Haysom, Sydney Keeney, Stefanie Langenhoven, Wayne Matthews, Neil Nieuwoodt, Susan Opperman, Stephen Rosin, Wilhelm Saayman, Alison Jean Shaw, Benjamin Skinner, Christopher Steenkamp, Riley Thompson, Nina Torr, Ann-MarieTully, Amy Van Den Bergh and Morne Venter. 

To date, the Labyrinth Project has hosted 4 film-screening events focused on interdisciplinary art and artists. The facility is perfectly suited for presentations, colloquiums as well as video and sound installations.

Between 10 and 5