Top Designers Customize New African Playlist Art for Apple Music

In order to create a fresh set of original art for its top local playlist brands, online streaming platform Apple Music has commissioned various leading African and international designers.

Rachel Newman, Apple’s global director of editorial says the artwork is meant to “connect more directly with the communities and the culture for which they were intended” and added “in many ways, it’s a visual representation of the music that you will find inside that playlist”.

The new playlist art is featured in numerous leading African playlists on Apple Music, such as Mzansi House designed by Richard Hart; Mzansi Gospel designed by Beloved Beadwork; Ghana Bounce designed by Prince Jyesi ; Woza Weekend designed by Lynnie Z; Mzansi Hip Hop designed by Billelis + In House 3D modelling; Mzansi Jazz designed by Victoria Topping; Alternatiewe Afrikaans designed by Merwe Marchand; Afro Soul Mix and Afrikaanse Treffers designed by Studio Muti, and Mzansi Soul designed by Dapper Lou.

The designers are a combination of local and international artist, with the African artists being Prince Jyesi from Accra, Ghana, Merwe Marchand from Cape Town, Studio Muti from Cape Town and Beloved Beadwork also from Cape Town.

We have included some of the album art below for you to check out:

Afrikaanse Treffers designed by Studio Muti
Mzansi House designed by Richard Hart
Afro Soul Mix designed by Studio Muti
Ghana Bounce designed by Prince Jyesi
Alternatiewe Afrikaans designed by Merwe Marchand

Check out more of the album art as well as the songs featured in the mentioned playlists on Apple Music.

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