#CanonX10and5 | Our top 10 favourite images from the hashtag

It can be argued as to why people choose to capture and share pictures on social media. Some do it to showcase their photography skills to the world, others do it for the gram, and the rest of us do it to simply document memories. Either way, we cannot deny the pivotal role photography plays in our daily lives.

In essence, the role of photography in society is to capture memories, but like any other form of art, photography is meant to make you feel something. Thus, photographers carry the responsibility of being able to narrate a story through the medium. 

We, at 10and5 are passionate about different types of photography, not excluding black and white photography. This particular genre has a very long history, as long as photography has existed. Although colour photography has become increasingly popular over the years, there is still beauty in using different tones of grey to create compelling and captivating images.

Early this month, we called out for photographers to submit their best black and white image(s) for our #Canonx10and5 competition. To enter, contestants had to upload their image(s) on Instagram, tag us using the mentioned hashtag – that way, they could stand a chance of winning a R5 000 voucher to spend at ORMS, as well as a feature on our website.

These are some of our favourite images from the hashtag: 


Stay tuned to find out which one of these talented photographers gets a feature on our website, as well as a R 5000 voucher to spend at ORMS.

Between 10 and 5