Faith XLVII’s Art Proves Why Her Elephant Mural Made the List for the World’s Best Street Mural

Our country’s history has shaped the rise of Joburg’s street art, the inner city is filled with artworks which commentate on our cultural zeitgeist. We have seen a growing number of artworks over the years and decided to put together an art series which concerns itself with the artists and history behind some of Johannesburg’s street art.

In our third instalment of the art series, we look at the internationally acclaimed visual artist, Faith 47’s expressive murals.

Faith XLVII is a South African born artist currently living in Los Angeles. Through her art, she explores human relationships. Most of her work speaks to the complexities of the human conditions and her imagery is said to carry the profound weight of our interconnections.

Her website reads that she attempts to disarm the strategies of global realpolitik, in order to advance the expression of personal truth. She uses a wide range of media intended for gallery settings.

Faith’s murals can be found across the world. Her work has been exhibited at the Maya Angelou School Mural Upliftment Project, Short Film Festival, Conquete Urbaine, Moniker Art Fair and The Freedom Piece Group Exhibition to name a few.

Here at home, she has two murals in Sandton. One mural is of an elephant and the other depicts a coalition of lions. The gigantic one of an elephant, created in April 2017 made the list for the world’s best street art murals on Street Art Today, a full-service urban contemporary and street art agency and platform that promotes street art around the globe.

The common thread between all her murals is that they are murals of animals. More of Faith 47’s work can be found in the least expected places like street alley’s and abandoned building in and around Johannesburg.

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