5 Cool Podcasts for Creatives

A few years ago, the term ‘podcast’ was one that was foreign to many. They have grown to become one of the most popular ways of listening to a wide range of topics – that meet your interests.

Podcasts are awesome, we love them. We love them so much we decided to put together a list of some of our favourite ones. We believe creatives, musicians and anyone who forms part of the creative industry will enjoy them as well:

Arrest All Mimics: The Creative Innovation Podcast

The Creative Innovation Podcast, hosted by illustrator, author and art director, Ben Tallon covers a wide range of topics that young creatives can easily relate to. He covers everything from identity, self-expression, pricing creativity, originality/avoiding trends, freelancing as well as the dangers of online inspiration.

The podcast is supported by Illustration Web and The Association of Illustrators. It is available on iTunes and on SoundCloud.

Pioneers Vs Pretenders

Hosted by creative entrepreneur and brand identity developer, Joe Human, Pioneers Vs Pretenders is a show that focuses on progressive and powerful discussions about Africa’s creative culture, digital ‘hustle’, as well as the life and era of millennials. Topics discussed on the show include branding mistakes to avoid, the value of creativity, challenges creatives face, as well as the role women play in the digital age.

You can listen to Joe Human’s podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud and on iTunes.

The Sobering Podcast

The South African hip-hop scene continues to grow immensely on a day to day basis and receives quite a lot of attention as one of the country’s most popular genre. The Sobering Podcast is currently the most authentic hip-hop podcast in the country, the show features a number of local hip hop playlists and interviews with well-known individuals within this scene. This podcast is a great start for creatives who are looking for a good blend of current music from local artists, exciting personalities and exceptional conversations.

The podcast, hosted by Lil FRAT, Kitso Moremi and Mokgethwa, can be streamed on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

The Side Hustle Show

This is a podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas, actionable tips to start a business, and killer strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into a growing business.

The show covers all aspects to consider when starting a business and making money; such as small business marketing, sales, websites, social media marketing, blogging, time management, and more. The show also covers interesting and informative topics for the matters at hand; these topics include passive income ideas, niche sites, self-publishing, software and app development and freelancing to mention a few.

The Side Hustle Show can be found and streamed on iTunes.

Say Something Worth Stealing

Hosted by Dave Curry, ‘Say Something Worth Saying’ is a conversational podcast where creative professionals share stories about their careers, craft and their lives. Topics explored in this podcast vary for each episode, it all depends on who the guest is.

The podcast can be listened to on SoundCloud.


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