‘Diary of a Broken Kid…’ debut album from Vitu

Diary of a Broken Kid…’ is the debut album from artist Vitu and produced independently by VituXArcade.

Released on the 8th of August, the 13-track album is available across all digital platforms.

‘Diary of a Broken Kid…’ is a Hip Hop/Rap album which combines soul, jazz and experimental samples to create the sonic landscape of the singer, songwriter and producer’s first full album.

The project touches on multiple themes, ranging from life, love and religion, to premature death and mental health. The artist explores a variety of topics, all relevant to his life experiences. The work spans elements that have been described as fun-energetic while switching over to tracks that are contrastingly reflective and introspective. Featuring collaborations with Hoax (Arcade Music), Honey Molasses, as well as Humphrxy, the sonic style will appeal to both modern and traditional hip hop fans.

“The 10th of August marks my 26th birthday, and I wanted to put together a project that would touch on everything I experienced in my years of adolescence through to young adulthood. I am aware of each of the experiences and choices I have made and what has shaped me into the person I am today. I am happy to share this project with everyone and I am excited to see how I grow as an artist in the years to come. I truly hope you will enjoy the album and appreciate all the support – both past and future.” says Vitu

Listen to the album here and on Spotify.

Photo Credit: @the_nrthrn_lights

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