5 Podcasts every Creative Entrepreneur should plug into

Are you hungry for content? Famously good at adopting new tech and dying to have better, more youth-focused conversations? Podcasts are the answer, and they have found their ideal home in South Africa. When it comes to novice and experts in creative entrepreneurship, there is no shortage of relevant, results-driven content to help spark ideas and arm young creative business people with the right tools for the job. 

From navigating the world of shares and investments, to finding the right financial approach for your new business, put in your earphones, kick back and learn something new today. Here’s our list of top 5 podcasts we reckon creative entrepreneurs should listen to.


Brian Clark has run 10 successful businesses over a couple of decades – there’s no doubt that he knows what he’s talking about. His platform and wildly popular podcast are focused on the entrepreneurial type that has big ideas, but doesn’t always have the budget to make it a reality. Drawing together some tough financial lessons, bringing in some of his most trusted business associates, this is a podcast for those open to ideas, advice and mentorship. 

Featured favourite: Why the Future of the Writing Business is…Audio?

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Smart Money (South Africa)

You can count the number of financial platforms in South Africa that haven’t called on the services of Randela-whisperer Maya Fischer-French. With a long history of books, columns and frank financial advice, Fischer-French teamed up with business giant, Discovery for the Smart Money podcast. While there’s no doubt that your iTunes suggestion could bring up some equally good content, the advantage of this one is that it’s 100% local. Making use of South African economic trends, speaking into the future of our finances and responding directly to local business challenges. This podcast is a great listen if you’re looking to make the best of the opportunities local creative businesses have to offer.

Featured favourite: Navigating the Gig Economy

You can listen to it here.

Creative Empire Podcast 

Sadly, most good things come to an end. After 250 episodes of solid creative advice from a range of business owners, artists and creative minds, duo Cristina and Reina decided to move onto greener creative pastures. That said, this is one of the most balanced and accessible creative business podcasts I’ve ever listened to – not too much ‘high art’ that you can’t follow, and not too much ‘dollars and cents’ that the podcast feels hard to make sense of. Aside from a solid chunk of really engaging topics, one of my favourite features of the podcast are the ‘show notes’ which presented a section-by-section breakdown of each episode, so that you can jump back to the best bits after your first listen.

Featured favourite: Dressing For Your Stay At Home Career

Listen here.

Stacking Benjamins

This is by far the most popular money podcast out there. From Forbes Magazine to local creative blogs, Stacking Benjamins seems to have mass appeal for almost all it’s listeners. This is the kind of podcast where you have a few laughs, get distracted a little, and find your way back in the end – taking away a key financial literacy lesson or two. With 16 years of financial planning experience and the ability to make almost any topic accessible, host, Joe Saul-Sehy is the guy you want to take financial advice from. Best time to plug this one in? When you’re about to start a new venture, make a significant change or when securing the bag.

Featured favourite: Navigating Life’s Awkward Money Situations

Listen here.

Lessons with Lion: A Podcast of survival tips for the concrete jungle

Lebo Lion is the best kind of podcaster. Clear, witty and clever. Drawing on local South African dynamics using regular straight-talk, and making sure the audience is along for the read. She’s the type of audio caster you want in the room right next to you. Considering areas like branding, creatives and business purpose are hot topics for young South African creatives, Lebo’s podcast episodes get straight to the heart of it. In one episode, she advises on how to use social media for business without spending money, and in another, she talks branding 101. It’s sharp, it’s fresh and it’s socially relevant. Give this a listen if you’re starting out in the business, or just need a refresher on the basics.

Featured favourite: What We Can Learn from “Slay Queens”

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Honourable mentions:

Money Box, BBC Radio.

Creative Pep Talk- http://www.creativepeptalk.com/info


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