A3E Artist Profile: Brett Charles Seiler

We are dedicated to bringing you talent from across the South African creative industry by providing a platform for emerging creatives to showcase their work to a wider audience. Driven by this dedication, we have put together a new initiative, the Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E), which aims to upskill emerging artists across South Africa, offer a platform for talented artists to reach new markets and help them break into the art scene.

We recently announced the selected A3E artists and proud to introduce each and every one of the selected artists on our platform.

Brett Charles

Brett Charles Seiler is a Zimbabwean born artist who currently resides in Cape Town. He expresses himself through painting, performance art and installation art. The use of text and language are critical for his work.

Seiler’s artworks address thoughts of romantic expressions and sexual interactions in the history of gay communication and behaviour, the collective memory of gay rights protests and the sexual oppression of gay men are thus brought forward. This then attracts desire, isolation and nostalgia emotions. The artist’s work is often followed by plays and procedures based on his performance. He often queers the space of the gallery through writings and images directly on the gallery’s walls, as rebellion or disobedience. Being from Zimbabwe, Seiler’s work is also highly recognised for questioning gay rights and the current facade highlighting punishment, education, media and the institution.

Seiler’s work has been included in a number of selected exhibitions, such as Macho Man, Tell It To My Heart at Association for Visual Arts (AVA) (Cape Town: 2016) and More Scared Of What Was In My Closet Than What Was Underneath My Bed at CIRCA gallery (Cape Town: 2018). Seiler has also been included in various group exhibitions including a performance piece with Luvuyo Nyawose titled, Reading Homophobia at A4 Foundation which was curated by Kemang Wa Lehulere and Zipho Dayile (Cape Town: 2017).

Additional group exhibitions include: UNFAIR at The Ruth Prowse School of Art (Cape Town: 2018); Close Encounters at Smith Gallery (Cape Town: 2018); Multiplicities Vol1: Continuous Unknowing, curated by Natasha Becker at Assembly Room (New York: 2018);  C L O S E R THAN EVER, curated by Art_Meets_TV at Gallery MOMO (Cape Town: 2017); Falling Into One Another at The Ruth Prowse School of Art (Cape Town: 2016) and Emerging Painters at the Turbine Art Fair (Johannesburg: 2016).


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