South African Sculpture Takes Centre Stage at Aspire’s Spring 19 Auction

In South African art, sculpture is an important and mighty tool. Aspire’s SPRING19 Auction in Cape Town presents impressive collections of outstanding, modern and contemporary works, including a large-scale museum-quality work by Willie Bester, and a rare opportunity for collectors to purchase a series of sculptures by William Kentridge, as the artist’s authoritative sculpture retrospective takes place at Norval Foundation at the same time.

Sculpture makes up the second-largest segment in the global art market. Sculptures- a progressive type of collection, has gained widespread popularity over the past two decades, with current prices up 36.5% compared to those of 2013 when last measured (Citadel).

Since Aspire’s inception in late 2016, the company has managed around 145 sculptural pieces, generating a total value of R33.5 million for this category to date. In 2018, Aspire sold Fire Walker by William Kentridge and Gerhard Marx for over R3.9 million – the current South African auction record for a sculpture by these artists. Other local records include Willem Boshoff (Clast Mar, sold for R682 080 in 2018) and David Brown (Engine Driver, sold for R273 120 in 2018). Aspire has also successfully sold works by Wim Botha, Ezrom Legae, Lucas Sithole and Anton van Wouw.

Demand for sculpture continues to grow, not only as a result of its business opportunities but also because of the present mainstream media interest- the demand for sculpture remains to expand. Reputable organizations, fairs and exhibitions intentionally concentrate on carving by enhancing their donations to sculpture.

For their upcoming Spring Auction at the Avenue at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on 1 September, Aspire will introduce another distinctive spectrum of modern and contemporary South African sculptures. The selection gives you fascinating perspectives into South African sculptors’ diversity of methods, equipment and ideas.

The collection of sculptures will be on display with 105 lots for public view during Aspire’s SPRING19 Auction Week Public Preview days taking place from Friday, 30 August to Sunday, 1 September.

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