A3E Artist Profile: Elléna Lourens

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Elléna Lourens

South African artist, Elléna Lourens, is a young illustrator who makes use of pen, paper and a tablet to create detailed work comprising of extensive sketches. She experiments across a range of mediums, from murals to embroidery.

During her school years, she began working on personal and collaborative projects, she continues to explore her talents through illustration, street art, painting and embroidery.

Lourens’ creations typically have a dark and mysterious atmosphere, portraying unsettling patterns and personalities. The artist’s style lends itself to the past in its presentation of ancient symbols, patterns and colour schemes, while voicing an intuitively current aesthetic that resonates and seeks to redefine emotional iconography.

In an interview with 10and5 in 2017, Lourens explained her process of creating an illustration: “When deciding what to draw, usually I will picture a character or a face, and then the surroundings will compose themselves automatically in my mind. Sometimes I start by sketching out the composition and proportions and sometimes I work straight with pen. Once I have started a piece I work almost solidly or in long segments until it is done.”

The young illustrator has managed to integrate herself into the creative space and has worked alongside established artists. She continues to further her own practice by taking part in shows and creating murals both in South Africa and internationally.

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