A3E Artist Profile: Lucy-Rose Currie

We are dedicated to bringing you talent from across the South African creative industry by providing a platform for emerging creatives to showcase their work to a wider audience. Driven by this dedication, we have put together a new initiative, the Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E), which aims to upskill emerging artists across South Africa, offers a platform for talented artists to reach new markets, and helps them break into the art scene.

23-year-old Lucy-Rose Currie is an independent creative from Cape Town who specializes in graphic design, art direction, illustration and branding, she recently started her passion project called ‘Juice’.

The young creative’s career began within a small, independent fashion magazine called A Fashion Friend – a South African leading independent online fashion magazine featuring amazing, up & coming creatives. Currie’s love for the industry, and for graphic design grew during her time at A Fashion Friend. She studied in the UK, where she completed a Fashion Certificate at the Vogue Condé Nast College.

Currie spent some time pursuing a career in the e-commerce and digital design spaces; which led to the birth of ‘Juice‘- the two-sided creative business of graphic design and artistic clothing pieces. The business uplifts small CMT businesses in Cape Town to produce 100% local, high-quality and unique clothing pieces.

Typically, Currie experiments with graphic styles, mediums and techniques. She is a strong believer in eye-catching, distinctive and crafted work. Whether she is creating collages or hand-painting illustrations, she enjoys expressing herself creatively, allowing herself to flow freely through any creative process.

Her most recent project, titled ‘The Bodies We Choose‘, is a personal project that takes an illustrative approach to the unreality of online appearances.

You can view more of her work here.


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