Mr Yeo| The guy behind some of your favourite designs​

Mr Yeo can best be described as the alter ego of Tyler Yeo,  the multi-talented creative who lists brand design amongst his many crafts. He recently resigned from his design director position at a design agency to work full time on Satori Notebook Co.  – the company he founded, which produces handcrafted, sustainably designed notebooks.

Multi-talented designer, Tyler Yeo.

We recently connected with him where he took us through a selection of his favourite projects – as a showcase of some of the ways he’s combined strong copywriting, photography, typography, and illustration with impactful concepts. He shares unexpected stories that broaden people’s perspectives, and highlight the beauty in the banal.

I particularly enjoy working with print media because you end up with a tactile experience free from the distractions and transient experiences of digital media. It’s a way of presenting my ideas in a format that people actually want to hold on to, instead of being forgotten two-seconds after hitting the “like” button.


The TEDxPretoria event identity project was to express the theme of “I Am”, illuminating pertinent issues of identity in a richly cultured but conflicted South African society. With the event’s visual identity I aimed to inspire questions like “how do I define my own identity?”, “how do other people define my identity?”, and “how does my identity relate to those around me?”. This meant that the visuals had to be distinct and powerful, but also clear and flexible — without alienating anyone, and while maintaining the iconic TEDx brand.

For the “anti-branding” project I thought it would be interesting if the everyday products which get branded to seduce us were instead labelled objectively, merely describing the package’s contents. This project asks the question, “What would everyday products look like if they weren’t designed to make people want them?”

For the Attendance app, we first analysed the competitors in the attendance capturing space to identify opportunities for differentiation. We noticed that the competitors typically paid little mind to the user experience. To do this we first needed to understand the needs of our users, so we hit the ground and started talking to teachers to find out what frustrated them about their current systems. We then used this information to determine the app’s functionality.

Capital P is a compilation of over six years of photography, writing and speaking to strangers and exploring this city, Pretoria — the actual city, not the sterile suburbs that surround it. Searching for its story. Putting myself in unusual and uncomfortable situations. Dodging pickpockets. Scaling rooftops. Skating Church Square at sunrise. Learning about myself as I probed and peeled away the complicated layers of this city to get to the essence.

For the FNB Early Childhood Development (ECD) booklet the task was to create an informative booklet which communicates the significance of ECD to FNB staff in an accessible and friendly way without diminishing the importance of investing in ECD as the first step of breaking the poverty cycle.

Lastly, he shared with us a notebook edition that he designed for Satori. It is a celebration of everybody’s favourite, overlooked but absolutely iconic,  South African vernacular design. Tyler and his team spent a ton of time on the copywriting on the front and back covers, as well as making a killer video that’s lots of fun. You can check that out here:

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