Things you probably should NOT have done at the Loeries

We won’t bore you with a long intro. This article is about the Loeries. The Loeries is a non-profit company administering awards for the brand communications industry, in Africa and the Middle East, but you already know this. Here, we list the 5 things you probably SHOULD not have done this past weekend. After reading this, you’ll know what not to do the next time you attend the awards.

Hang out with winners when you didn’t win anything

The thing about the Loeries carnival is that winning is a big part of why everyone goes there, so not winning actually sucks. It doesn’t however, suck as much having to hang out with people who have won. No one likes a sore loser, better yet, no one likes seeing the copywriter or art director who replaced you at your previous agency gloat about how freaken dope the dang job is and how they are now ‘agency of the year’. Blah, Blah, Blah.

So, huddle with your loser friends, psyche each other up and talk about how you’ll do better next year with that new idea that’s gonna win everything (hopefully)

Attend the Loeries after party

You know for an event that celebrates creativity; one can’t help but wonder why most of the celebration happens in our hotel rooms?

Next time you’re at the Loeries, gate crash an agency’s after-party with friends, collude with people from other agencies or find a spot and throw your own party. Just don’t go to the god awful after-party!

Hook up with people from your agency.

We are not gonna dwell on this for too long as it is self-explanatory. Your briefing sessions will be better for it. Trust! 

Okay fine, we’ll dwell on it for a bit, you know what they say, what happens at Loeries stays at Loeries, well in this case, it doesn’t. This stuff comes back with you man, now you’re the talk of the office, murmurings about your escapades will echo in the parking lot. Every time you walk past the canteen, random colleagues you have never spoke to will now giggle and make small talk all because you had a little romp at iLangeni hotel. Save yourself, spare yourself. 

(this will probably fall on deaf ears; you lot are savage)

Talk shop with the heads of your agency

Somehow once the libations are flowing you have this sudden urge to tell your ECD what’s on your mind… You regale them with your grand plans to revolutionize the agency (that time you a damn intern). Though these are chuckles mighty and there are a few gems they are ultimately detrimental. Your briefing sessions will never be the same.

Missed your flight home

Face Timing yourself into the meeting you’re missing because you are at King Shaka isn’t cute. The thing about agencies/companies is that if they do something for you for “free” it’s never really free. So, keep the eggs on your continental breakfast plate and not on your face. 

Between 10 and 5