OPEN CALL: Afro Pepites wants artists for their 2019/2020 Show

The Afro Pepites Show, which is a global platform that allows African musicians and music lovers to create their own show online around a single theme African Culture is open for its 10th edition.

The call for artistic projects 2019/2020 is currently open and calls on all musicians from Western Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Caribbean, Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, and any other African inspired artists. Alongside African/African inspired musicians, Afro Pepites Show is also open to stylists, storytellers, poets, humourists, dancers, photographers, painters, sculptors and clip directors based in different parts of the world.

Why participate?

All participants will receive the pleasure of sharing one of their best creations. Their creativity will be tested with a number of professionals, they will be given the opportunity to expand their network internationally, and integrate a network of professionals and enthusiasts of African cultures.

The registration process is currently underway and will be open for submissions until the 30th of September.

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