Orms Aims to Empower The Next Generation Of Women In Arts

Cape Town-based photography powerhouse Orms is celebrating the next generation of women in arts through its new mentorship programme – Orms Circle. Launched during women’s month, Orms strongly believes that belonging to a network of women can be a re-affirming and powerful way of increasing visibility for female creatives.

The programme will give one young female-identifying artist the platform to enter the design space by providing them access to facilities that will help them develop a body of work to be exhibited in February 2020.

Led by Anelisa Mangcu, a curator and growing force in the art community, Orms Circle is a collective of creatives and industry professionals made up of  Haneem Christian, Tyra Naidoo, Toby Orford and Savannah Feeke. Orms Circle will not only provide the artists with a strong support system that will give everyone involved flow of industry insight, knowledge and guidance but will also provide them with the opportunity to create and exhibit their first solo exhibition, hosted at Orms’ new creative space, FORM. This will include studio space, lighting and gear, as well as printing and framing services.

The admission requirements: A resume and motivational essay.

Interested applicants must already be actively pursuing a career in the arts through a photographic medium.

Submissions are open until 13 September 2019. Submission forms are available here.


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