Brampton Wines partners with 10and5 for Creative Women Week



For Women’s Month, we hosted a week-long celebration of empowering women in the creative industry. We had a number of really exciting events catered especially for women namely; FEAST, Film Club, as well as an Instagram Auction.

Studio H/Food XX FEAST, Jasmin Valcarcel Photography

However, none of the above-mentioned events would have been possible without the help and support of Brampton Wines. They sponsored wine for all the Creative Women Feast dinners in Cape Town, both our Film Clubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and they were also generous enough to gift us with a case of wine if a LOT reserve price was not met during our Instagram Auction.

Pichulik FEAST, Jasmin Valcarcel Photography

Brampton is a range of premium wines for those inspired individuals who see the spark of possibility in everything around them. Produced by a team of dynamic wine creatives, this urban wine brand celebrates colourful thinking, doing, seeing, tasting, and living.

Studio H/Food XX FEAST, Jasmin Valcarcel Photography

“We see the partnership as an opportunity to advance the cause of women within the art space. All too often the challenges of life get in the way of our creativity. We are very proud to have the opportunity to offer our small hand in this very worthy cause,” says James Gower, Brand Manager for Brampton Wines.

“We will be eagerly following the development of these talented women and look forward to supporting them on their journey.”

To learn more about Brampton Wines, please visit their website.


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