Sanlam Promotes Investment and Positive Thinking In New TVC

At the beginning of this month, Sanlam Investments introduced a new TVC and online initiative that brings together a symphony of incredible innovations and valuable personal times to remind us to see the good at a time of widespread negativity.

Created by The King James Group, the advert is an amalgamation of footage of political speeches, talk shows, Ted Talks, news clips and more – to voice the nostalgic ‘Whole New World’ track we all know and love.

Through a series of life-changing moments, we get to see iconic faces like Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; futurist Stafford Masie; poet Koleka Putuma; theoretical physicist and Mars One Project finalist Dr Adriana Marais; ballet dancer Mthuthuzeli November; inventor Kiara Nirghin; and South African rapper, Rouge. We see a baby smile after receiving a cochlear implant in Johannesburg. We see Tilly Lockey flex her incredible robotic arms, and we dive into the ocean to witness the world’s first sea-grown crops. We also fly through solar wind farms, celebrate love at a Pride festival and relive that supersonic Stratos freefall.

Jared Osmond, Creative Director at The King James Group, comments: “negative sentiment is contagious. And the problem is that often there’s no evidential basis for such extreme views of the world. We wanted to step back and see if there were examples of ideas, individuals and opportunities that told a different story. One that bristles with possibility.”

“The idea was ambitious from the outset, so we were in unchartered territory for 99% of the process. The final edit is 65 seconds long and has 64 shots. That’s a lot for any commercial. But when you consider that our shots had to be stock or found footage to live up to the idea, this became an insane task. Each individual we identified had to represent the avant-garde or cutting edge of their field, which made getting rights and access to their clips very complicated,” Osmond adds.

The world of investing has dramatically changed, and Sanlam Investments believes that there has never been a better time to invest; with the rise of technology comes an abundance of innovation. However, it’s also about human connection and an innate optimism to make the world a better place.

Sanlam invites you to think about the impact investing and the desire to sustainably give back, investing in the Mars mission to fuel our race to find a new home in space or investing in offshore – namely ocean-floor food security. The TVC also pushes you to think about investing in buildings +1 km high into the sky to accommodate mass urban dwellers, or investing in robotics and giving young people like Tilly Lockey bionic limbs.

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