A3E Artist Profile: Quade Howes

10and5 is dedicated to bringing you talent from across the South African creative industry by providing a platform for emerging creatives to showcase their work to a wider audience. Driven by this dedication, we have put together a new initiative, the Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E), which aims to upskill emerging artists across South Africa, offers a platform for talented artists to reach new markets, and helps them break into the art scene.

Quade Howes is a photographer who currently resides in Cape Town; apart from having photography skills, he is also an experienced graphic designer. As a designer, he has gained experience in multimedia, marketing and print design.

His design career began within the surf, skate, and music industry; however, as a creative professional, he has served in positions that explore various brand identity, advertising, product marketing and print materials.

Howes often works with a dark series of moods (however, this has not been evident in a lot of his surf & skate photography).

In the future, Howes would like to continue experimenting with film and digital and aims to keep conveying a dark series of moods through film and digital. He is interested in exploring locations that aren’t exposed and capturing them on camera.

More of Quade’s work can be viewed here.

Connect with Quade on Social Media:

Instagram: @quade__howes

Facebook: Quade Howes

Vimeo: Quade Howes

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