5 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for Hair Inspo

Hair is a form of self-expression. It represents who you are and it is said to be a women’s crown. Styling your hair can be time-consuming and expensive but thanks to Instagram – a treasure trove of hair-themed accounts, it will never be boring.

These five Instagram Accounts take #HairGoals to another level. Get some hair inspiration Afropunk, Rocking The Daisies, a fashion lookbook or date night.

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The #amazon forest has been burning for several weeks now. And we know how awful is it for the humanity since this forest provides 20% of the oxygen we breathe. What happens in amazonia occurs around the world. My country has already lost 95% of its forest and a lot of forrest in the world are burning regulary. Human make forests disappear around the world and destroy the environment to make profit by forgetting that without life, there is no more economy at all. And when you look how things are actually in the world it's easy to lose hope. Discrimination, wars, abuses, poverty, destruction of the environment … money is the most important thing and humans are ready for anything to have it… it's depressing and lately Thinking about it made me sad at point i cant explain. I wondered what was the meaning of all this? The meaning of the battles that we lead every day while things seems to get worse. All my strength left me and I thought I was just done with it all. Luckily some of you here have helped me a lot with wise words and now I blame myself for being pessimistic before. We have the right to be exhausted a few times but give up is the worst thing to do … when we lose hope the bad wins but when we continue to fight there is always a chance to change things. We may not see it enough, but there is still good on earth, kindness, positivity. Someone told me that as there are people who have decided to destroy the word, we have to keep in mind that there is many people who are determined not to let them do it. We must never be discouraged about the good we do. Let's continue the efforts even when everything seems lost. The positive acts have always their impact as minimal as they are. Regarding the environment, i look for information since what is happening in Amazonia to be more educated on the topic. I know i have to change my habits now. There is a lot of things that I didnt know and that i discover with my research and I dont intend to give up. I will be happy to know the daily actions you make to protect the environment. It will help me and a lot of other peoples to adopt the right attitudes to help our environment. Lets be change we want for the world.

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