‘The only thing more challenging than being disabled is being a woman in South Africa,’ says Chaeli

South Africa has become an unsafe place for women to live in. This issue affects everyone, including the disabled community. Chaeli Mycroft, an iconic disability activist with cerebral palsy, teamed up with creative agency King James Cape Town to launch the Chaeli Campaign and highlight a sad observation: ‘ The only thing more challenging than being disabled is being a woman in South Africa.’

“The idea was sparked by the latest spate of gender-based violence throughout the country. We have been outraged and we want to keep the conversation alive, by adding a perspective that hasn’t been covered in mainstream media. The fact that members of the disabled community, who are already marginalized, are just as vulnerable to sexual assault and gender based-violence as everyone else,” says Creative Director of King James Cape Town, Nkanyezi Masango.

“A disabled woman has a lot of challenges to overcome on a daily bases. Yet, still has to face the ordeal of living in a country where a woman is raped every 26 seconds (and that’s just the reported cases). This is something that is not spoken about enough and perhaps most people are not aware of disabled people who have fallen victim to violence.”

“Which is why we feel it is important to be representative when talking about sexual assault. Through this campaign, we wanted to show solidarity with the #AmINext movement and every woman in South Africa. Hopefully, our collective voice will help drive the justice system to be tougher on perpetrators.” he continues.

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Agency: The Chaeli Agency
Art Director: Greg Booysen
Copywriter/Creative Director: Nkanyezi Masango
Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Photographer: Frances Marais
Account Director: Taryn Walker

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