The Feel Party |A Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection can save lives and the simplest way for someone to know if something is wrong is if they do regular breast examinations.

There are a lot of feelings associated with breast cancer, but sometimes it feels like women have no safe spaces to express those feelings; until now.

The Feel Party is an experience by Think Creative Africa that brings awareness to breast cancer during October. The experience is a combination of art installations utilizing poetry, special designs, as well as a play day encouraging women to interact with their bodies and take up space in less intimidating ways.

The second annual party, taking place on the 26th of October is dedicated to educating, entertaining, engaging and elevating women – all on the topic of breast cancer.

Some of the party elements include medical professional demonstrations,
panel discussion, games, art, a DJ, drinks, canap├ęs, pink manicures and social connecting.

The aim of this experience is to get 5000 women to perform a self examination during the month of October through social and event reach.

Event details:

26 October 2019
Ticket Price: R150

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Between 10 and 5