Designer Watch: ‘Zazi Luxury’ A Fashion Name To Look Out for in 2020

Poetry, edge and real feelings, is how Zazi Nyandeni, founder of Zazi Luxury describes what goes into making her garments. A thorough perusal of her website and Instagram page reveals how being adorned in her garments can make one look like poetry. 


Zazi Luxury is an international luxury fashion label that was born in Paris and now resides in South Africa’s fashion eco-system. The exceptionally handmade garments are made with such intricate attention to detail that they exude luxury and elegance, effortlessly so.  

The brand makes both customised garments and couture that is ready to wear. Outside of her meticulously woven garments, she also provides image consulting services where clients are assisted with curating a wardrobe with a personal style whether for private or corporate events.

This year,  Zazi Luxury showcased at the SAFW 2019 pop-up show held at Mall of Africa. Having already dressed the likes of Tumi Morake, Upile Chisala, and Linda Mtoba, she is set to take the fashion scene by storm.

She recently worked on a lookbook to encapsulate the language of the ocean. “The ocean is constantly in communication with those that are willing to listen. Through tuning into the splashes, vibrations, ripples, and ruffles, has brought me peace,” she says. 

“Too often we tend to look at the exterior for the answers about our interior. Language is often translated through waves, the vibrations we give off introduces us before we speak. The experimentation aims to be deeper than the ocean because through understanding the ocean we understand our true self.”

Peace is understanding that everything we search for is within us. Once you start to channel out the noise you start to tune into serenity and through serenity and knowledge of self, you find a piece of peace that has long awaited for you to come home to yourself.” Nyandeni concludes. 

Photography:  Kimberly Shana Parker

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