Karabo Poppy Adds Another Collab to her 2019 Portfolio | POND’S x Karabo Poppy

Well-known South African Illustrator and designer Karabo ‘Poppy’ Moletsane does it again. She recently added another brand to her long and impressive list of collaborations – this time, she teamed up with POND’S to design a makeup bag for their pimple clear gifting range. For over 150 years, POND’S has provided the best skincare products to women in South Africa.

Moletsane shares her excitement and creative process with the 10and5 team during an exclusive interview. Read here:

What’s your involvement in the POND’s campaign and why did you choose to collaborate with the brand? 

Part of Pond’s mantra and approach to beauty matches very closely to mine.  They are championing inclusion, diversity, and innovation. They strive for great representation of South Africa and I feel honored to be able to contribute to that goal. I got the opportunity to design a makeup bag for the POND’S pimple clear gifting range- the pattern is inspired by a millennials immense bravery to forge new paths and challenge conventions.

I saw a mutual desire to want to champion young people to start to break boundaries and also do it in a way that is authentic to their original selves.

Talk us through the creative process of making a design for Pond’s?

The design that I created was inspired by the youth of South Africa- they have incredible energy and potential that I wanted to highlight within the pattern I created. I wanted to create different lines that were converging and meeting and had very sharp edges to show the diversity, the creativity, the analytical abilities that I feel the youth of South Africa has.

You recently did a campaign with K-WAY and now this. Are you planning on getting into the beauty and fashion space?

Being an artist, beauty and fashion has been a part of my daily life and have infiltrated into my work very organically.  From getting to work with Woolworths and Pharrel on t-shirt designs to doing the same for local and international brands – I believe that I am already working within beauty and fashion spaces and will just keep allowing for this organic progression to keep taking place. But I will always firstly be an illustrator customer artist.

How was it like working with Themba Mbuyisa? 

I have been shot by Themba before, and getting to work with this incredible photographer once was a great experience. We have both grown so much in our craft since the last time we worked together and this collaboration allowed us a great full circle.

Images by Themba Mbuyisa.

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