Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Miss This Year’s Catalyst Africa Event

Catalyst Africa is an event grounded in the belief that innovation can come from anywhere. It takes place from 30-31 October 2019 at Cape Town’s Portswood Ridge Precinct in the V&A Waterfront.

The event is currently supported by South African Tourism, The City of Cape Town and Wesgro because it is aligned with the national government’s ambitions to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Catalyst Africa is contributing to these ambitions by equipping South African companies and individuals with the necessary skills to harness the opportunities available in the new world.

“We are actioning the national conversation around Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies into one of building a growth mindset, igniting positive change and sharing knowledge amongst thinkers and doers.” says Roy Harman, co-founder of Catalyst Africa.

Catalyst Africa is dedicated to helping South African people and businesses achieve their goals through celebrating the convergence of technology, creativity and mindset.

Multiple session formats taking place simultaneously enable attendees to choose their own experience and educational content, presented by a host of leaders from world-class educational institutions, successful business people and leading technical experts.

Key education partners include:

  • University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Friends of Design
  • D-School
  • WeThinkCode

“The most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. Our concern is with the actual doing or use of knowledge rather than with theory and ideas to ensure Catalyst Africa attendees are both inspired and equipped to action their ideas” Says Dale Imerman, Co-Founder of Catalyst Africa.

Given that ticket prices are only R1111 per person, Catalyst Africa is arguably the most valuable event in South Africa because it allows people to learn about the new world, experience collective power in a unique environment and connect with experts and implementation partners at an affordable price.

Catalyst Africa Attendees can expect to learn and engage around the following topics:

Technology – Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Facial Recognition Robotics & Drones Internet of Things.

Creativity – Design Photography, Music & Film Art & Sculpture Food & Gastronomy.

Mindset – Design Thinking, Collective Power Consciousness Curiosity & Adaptability Behavioural science.

Between 10 and 5