A3E Artist Profile: Fiona Wanjiku Maina

10and5 is dedicated to bringing you talent from across the South African creative industry by providing a platform for emerging creatives to showcase their work to a wider audience. Driven by this dedication, we have put together a new initiative, the Artist Acceleration and Exposure Programme (A3E), which aims to upskill emerging artists across South Africa, offers a platform for talented artists to reach new markets, and helps them break into the art scene.

Fiona Wanjiku Maina is a 20-year-old Computer Science student at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein. Her interest in photography was piqued in 2016 when she purchased her first camera.

At the time, not having specific subjects for her images, the photographer’s brother was her only muse. Through this powerful medium, Maina was able to express herself and allow her creative aspects to reveal themselves. 

Eventually, photography became an escape from reality for her. The rise of social media enabled her to share her content with other individuals, and the feedback she received from others within this space allowed her to continue creating, learning from others and to grow as a visual communicator.

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