Don’t Miss The Bank Of Creativity Creative Meetup taking place this Wednesday

Hundreds of creatives will meet this Wednesday, 30 October 2019 for Bank of Creativity. Four different locations— three in the United Kingdom and one in Cape Town— will hold networking events to connect creatives who previously had no chance to interact or collaborate.

“There are a myriad of creative opportunities available to us and we shouldn’t have to fight over whose skill is more necessary or whose idea is more executable. Too often we’re put against each other – competing
agencies, competing projects – where we should be working together,” says Shae Leigh Shepherd, a local creative and digital copywriter at 99cents in Cape Town.

Hosted at Shackleton Brewing Company in Cape Town, this Wednesday’s event is the second of its kind in South Africa. In its setup, the evening will be informal, but will be facilitated in a way that allows creatives to quickly connect.

Stephanie Simpson (aka. Me And Norman), and Ross Symons (aka. White On Rice) will unpack what it means to be a creative and what happens behind the scenes when no one is looking.

Guests are invited to arrive from 6:30 pm for drinks and burgers. Official proceedings will start at 7 pm until 9 pm.

For more information about the Bank of Creativity meetup, and to book your spot, visit the event here. Bring your friends, colleagues, family, Twitter buddies and even acquaintances.

Between 10 and 5