Southapedia Mural Festival Offers Seven Artists The Opportunity To Paint Large Scale Murals

Recently held in Durban, the Southapedia Mural Festival (SMF) is a programme that aims to support local artists through a collaborative initiative between artists and building owners to create site-specific murals that celebrate our local culture.

What makes this programme unique is that it was developed to provide local artists with an opportunity to be paid to create professional murals in a city that lacks funding and opportunities for local artists.

The mural programme was developed by the international travelling artist, Resoborg who was inspired by other mural programs that were developed around the world.

South Africa faces many challenges such as poverty, unemployment and some of the highest levels of crime found in the world. With this program and the support of its sponsors it was able to do the following:

1. Give 7 artists from different backgrounds the opportunity to paint large scale murals and get paid for their work.

2. Produce videos that interview each artist as they believe it will help each artist generate more work as it will be an excellent portfolio piece that documents their professionalism. Not only this, the video
will also showcase Durban’s local art talent.

3. Artists have added their mark to the city, both artistically and culturally.

4. They have also been able to do a workshop with kids from the NGO at Durban’s beachfront “Surfers Not Street children”.

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