Student Work: Jared Rauff Takes Us On A Short Pleasurable Journey

Jared Rauff is a Cape Town-based graphic designer, photographer and multi skilled creative who grew up in Pretoria and later moved to Cape Town for environmental work. After working for a few environmental companies, he soon realized that he wanted to pursue a career in multimedia.

Although Rauff had explored with art and photography his entire life, Cape Town is the city that helped him discover his passion for the creative industry.

Rauff’s work is centered around street and travel photography; which includes landscapes and portraits. Each set is built as a three-part series in order to fully show the viewer the extent of the chosen subject matter, as well as to tell a story of the photographer’s journey through a view finder.

Rauff mainly shoots travel shots in colour, and street photography in black and white – in order to make the subject matter more dramatic. His goal is to showcase the day-to-day aspects around us that are usually overlooked.

You can follow Jared on Behance.

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