Local Gaming Festival ‘Playtopia MGA’ is happening this December

Playtopia MGA is South Africa’s very own game and interactive arts festival. The country’s game makers (and their unique creations) have landed upon the international map, and Playtopia MGA stands to celebrate the country’s diverse game development and immersive arts community, to inspire the next generation of creators, gamers, and enthusiasts. 

Taking place from the 5th till the 7th of December 2019, the 3-day event aims to expose attendees to international indie games, interactive and digital art and more. Over and above that, gamers, developers and event-goers will have a plethora of music and good food to enjoy.

There will be two conferencing streams available to delegates this year, the MGA Business to Business conference and the Playtopia Talks aimed at delegates interested in the creative side of game development. Playtopia delegates are invited to attend talks, panels, and workshops hosted by both international and local industry experts in the field of Indie Game development.

What else can you expect?

  • 40+ Indie Games, digital adventures & interactive experiments! 
  • Super Friendship Arcade exhibition of multiplayer games & DIY controllers
  • Immersive arts exhibition with SA’s top tech artists! 
  • Playtopia Talks: “The Art Of Games” (Playtopia and MGA delegate ticket holders only)
  • MGA B2B Talks with international and African speakers (MGA delegate ticket holders only)
  • 3 nights of awesome music and visuals!
  • Beer garden!
  • Food trucks!
  • Hours and hours of playful fun!

Sounds fun? Book your tickets here.

Images by Jonathan Ferreira.


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