Canonx10and5 October Winner Profile | Ter Hollmann

Our Canonx10and5 October winner is nothing short of amazing. Ter Hollmann (pronounced tear, as in to tear a piece of paper, rhymes with Claire) submitted images that depicted South Africa’s architecture in the most authentic and visually appealing way. 

The self-taught photographer, freelance actor, writer, and content creator believes that photography is a way to show the world how you see or understand it. Although it is a very external visual, the medium allows for internal conversations. 

We chat to him about photography and his journey thus far:  

When did you first pick up the camera and what made you get into photography? 

It started on my 40th birthday. I wanted a camera to shoot videos, my friends and family all chipped in and got me a Canon 6d and 24 – 105mm F4 lens. I started shooting my kids at birthday parties and on holidays and it took off from there. I got a few paying gigs to shoot some work. I did an online course on the fundamentals of photography, and another one for Lightroom.

Did you study the profession or was it self-taught? 

Completely self-taught. I learned everything I know from Youtube. 

What are you trying to communicate through your art/photography? 

I’m an intuitive creator. I have never really taken a picture with a greater agenda than capturing that moment. If I am trying to say anything, it’s that there are a million different ways to understand the same thing. How I see the person, building, a landscape in front of me is different from anyone else.

What has been your career highlight thus far? 

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some cool people. I shot Nakhane and Amanda Palmer when she was out here for the first time. I like shooting people.

Are you currently working on any new projects/exhibitions? 

Other than the commercial gigs I do, I don’t really have anything planned photographically. I am working on a Youtube education channel to help content creators like myself who want to learn from scratch. I am editing my first videos for that and will start posting those weekly from the first week of December.

Where can people find/purchase your work? 

You can find my photographic work on my website or on my Instagram account. I haven’t really thought about selling it, to be honest, but I will now. I also have a Youtube channel called Victor Visdom, which is a weekly comedy show where Victor teaches you how to practice self-care in a world of late-stage capitalism. It’s just a little bit of fun. 

Check this out:

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