10and5 hosts ‘After Work’ in partnership with Belgian Beer Cafe

The Belgian Beer Café has been the trendiest spot on the block since its opening on 27 August. The bar was indeed the place to mingle while enjoying a glass of Belgium beer. Sadly, the vibrant pop-up bar saw its last week on the week of the 4th of November.

On Thursday 31 October, we hosted After Work in partnership with Belgian Beer Cafe at the Blank Bar – a pop-up bar located on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst.

We invited a number of creatives to come and join us for an evening of networking, delicious food, and free beer.

The Belgian Beer Café is home to three mega Belgian beer brands –  Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, and Leffe. To bring customers the ultimate Belgian experience, the pop-up bar featured live performances, quiz nights and much more. We were also joined by Djay Floyd, who set the mood and ensured that everyone had a good time.

Beer and food pairings were the Café’s forté, giving customers new insight of how beer can be enjoyed in different ways to suit any occasion.

Overall, our After Work experience was a great success and attendees were treated to an unforgettable warm, summer evening of networking, good food, great beer, and live music.

Images by Andile Buka

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