The Deepest Darkest Gallery Presents : The Other Side of Christmas

This festive season, the Deepest Darkest Gallery is excited to present award-winning photographer Barry Salzman, who will be exhibiting ‘The Other Side of Christmas’ at the gallery in Cape Town from 7 November to 29 December 2019.

Salzman is the recipient of the 2018 International Photographer of the Year award in the Deeper Perspective category of the International Photography Awards (IPA), for a project entitled The Day I Became Another Genocide Victim, which addresses the Rwandan genocide.

The photographer lives between New York and Cape Town, and as an uneasily naturalised American, Salzman responds to the US with something of an outsider’s regard. In his photographic series’ The Other Side of Christmas,’ he turned his lens on the US’s southern states, which have some of the country’s lowest median household incomes, resulting in a Zen-like meditation on neglect and attrition.

The photographic series, taken during a road trip through the south of the USA, presents critique of the American Dream while exploring ideas of self and location. In the divisive Trump era, these concerns have become even more topical and are especially heightened during the festive season.

Between 10 and 5