WATCH: Patty Monroe Drops Music Video for Fighter

Cape Town rapper Patty Monroe released a new video for Fighter, an introspective exploration of her upbringing. Embracing her vulnerability Patty sheds light on her personal struggles and the ways she’s dealt with depression. The video was shot in her mother’s house, giving an authenticity that makes it more than just art, but rather an intimate reflection of a young coloured girl’s experience of becoming a woman in a world that doesn’t understand her struggles.

The video begins with a contemplative Patty sharing a moment with her grandmother, expressing her gratitude as she reminisces on moments that have only now become clear. Frames switch between flashbacks of her younger years; memories of her mother’s service, her own struggles and seemingly meaningless moments that have become retrospectively significant.
As lyrics progress from her gratitude for her mother to the struggles, Patty had in building her name in the industry, the video juxtaposes her enjoyment with her mother’s hard work that made it all possible. The video concludes with a mature miss Monroe at peace, in a state of calm understanding of her experience and appreciation for the women who have selflessly helped her get here.

The talented Dale Fortune edited and directed the video, bringing the story to life with producer Blake Steenkamp. Candice Lundall and Keagan Cafun, on hair and makeup respectively, creating the authentic looks that add to intimate realism. Fighter was produced by Ameen Harron and features vocals by Caleb Williams.


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