CPT Artist NARDSTAR* Creates a Mural for the 6th Annual Festival Concreto in Brazil

Cape Town-based visual artist Nardstar* was recently invited to the 6th Annual Festival Concreto in Fortaleza, Brazil. She spent the first two weeks of November meeting artists from different parts of South America, exploring the seaside city, and most importantly, painting a mural titled ‘Like-minded’.

The mural portrays two women – one from Africa (left) and another from Brazil (right) – as a continuation of her commitment to painting portraits of women of colour. The overflow of beautiful, black hair encourages women to celebrate themselves and their natural beauty.

The mural features the indigenous South African Protea flowers, as well as a Brazilian Corsage Orchid with an Ipê. The choice of these two features serves as a connection between Brazil and Africa, particularly because the people of Brazil have African heritage.

The mural also aims to depict that, as people, we are more similar than we are different and even though we might live on separate continents and speak different languages, we can still have a shared consciousness.

Check out more of Nardstar*’s work here.





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